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Repair & Maintenance

Our centres cover all areas of vehicle repair, modification and maintenance throughout in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire with two branches across Longton and Leek. Below are a range of our services, get in touch for more information or FREE impartial advice.

Professional Valet

All vehicles are protected by floor mats, seat covers and steering wheel covers whilst they are being repaired. At the end we will give the car a complimentary wash and vacuum.

You can upgrade to a mini valet from as little as £25 + v.a.t. and ask about our Bronze, Silver and Gold valet’s starting from £45.00 + v.a.t


Air Conditioning

Did you know your air conditioning should be serviced every year to check and top up the refrigerant levels, and also cleanse the air circulation system to maintain cold air output, eliminate bad odours and the harmful bacteria that causes them?

You may notice that the air from the vents is not as cold as it was. The air conditioning system should be able to produce a flow of air at almost freezing point. If not, then the system could be low on gas. Also, if the windows remain misted up in the winter even with the air conditioning switched on then a service will be required.

SMART Repair

An abbreviation for Small Medium Area Repair Technique, such as the repair of scratches, dents, scuffs and paint chips. 

The processes highlighted, when applied by a skilled SMART repair technician can offer fast (generally under 1 hour), low cost (normally under £100), efficient, environmentally friendly repairs across a range of cosmetic damage to cars including alloy wheel damage commonly caused by kerbing, chips and scuffs from small collisions, rips, tears and holes within the car interior, bumper repairs, small dings and dents, scratches and paint chips and various windscreen repairs.


Warning light on the dash? Simply give us a ring to arrange an appointment so that we can diagnose the problem and check that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe for you and others.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment to help with all troublesome warning and are able to offer a full diagnostics service for the majority of vehicle manufacturers. Our staff are fully trained to deal with warning light fault diagnostics, fault correction such as airbag faults and ABS faults and much more.