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Had an accident? Know your legal rights

Did you know… Following an accident, it's your legal right to have your car repaired anywhere of your choice. If you contact your insurance company, they may try to get the repairs done at the lowest possible price without caring as much about the quality of the repair as you do.

Insurers often operate “approved, recommended or selected repairer schemes”. These take the form of a list of garages or a telephone helpline service to put in touch with a garage with which the insurer has a special relationship.

You may wish to take note of your insurer’s advice, however your insurers 'recommended repairer' may not have manufacturer approval or hold a BS Kitemark approval like we do here at M&M Vehicle Repairs.

Remember that it is your vehicle which is being repaired and under the terms of your insurance policy, you will have the right to choose where you want your vehicle repaired.


All Insurers have an obligation governed by the FCA to ‘Treat customers fairly’, you do not need to use your insurance company's favoured establishment and you do not need two estimates.

If your vehicle insurance has been arranged through an insurance broker, you may need to contact them in order to find out the precise details of your policy and cover.