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Prestige & Manufacturer Approved Repairs Stoke on Trent Staffordshire

Modern motor vehicles are technically challenging by design. Manufacturers use varied safety systems and space age materials in their products. To repair these vehicles, it is vital to invest in the latest repair technology to ensure your car is safe and restored to the manufacturers specification. 

Through extensive training, rigorous audits and continuous hard work M&M has been granted numerous manufacturer approvals for vehicle repair. With regular audits throughout the year, we ensure compliance with each of our manufacturer approvals. 

Our staff and technicians receive up-to-date technical training from the manufacturer themselves, and we only ever use genuine parts and approved paint on our vehicles.

It is your choice as the owner or driver of a vehicle to insist where to have your prized possession repaired. We utilise manufacturer repair methods for every job we carry out, so ensuring your vehicle will be repaired the way the manufacturer intended.

We see our manufacturers approvals as partners in our business and are happy to put their name to the quality of our repairs and service, including: