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Your Vehicle Repair: What Happens Next?

Please also find information below explaining the key stages of your vehicle repair process, so you can follow each step of the process before your vehicle is returned to you.

* Please note: This is just a guide to your repair status, please wait for our customer service staff to contact you to confirm your repairs are complete and your vehicle is ready to collect. We will contact you at various stages to let you know about any changes or updates, we will issue a review date and let you know how your repair is progressing*


Vehicle Arrival

When your vehicle is collected or delivered to one of our repair centers it will be inspected to identify any accident damage and any non-­related damage to your vehicle.



When the vehicle arrives on site the damage area will be stripped down to allow our Vehicle Damage Assessors to compile an estimate and list of parts to order.


Vehicle Estimate

A detailed estimate and digital images of the damaged areas are sent online to your insurer, along with a request for authority to repair. (in some instances the estimate, authority and parts order process, has already been completed prior to the vehicle coming on site for repairs )

N.B. Estimates ore normally prepared within 24 hours but more extensive damage could take up to 48 hours to prepare 


Repair Authority

Your insurer will examine our estimate and images, and then authorise us to repair.

N.B. Your insurance company could take up to 72 hours to authorise the repair 


Non Repair Claim

Should your insurer decide that your vehicle is an uneconomical repair (total loss) they will contact you to settle your claim.

N.B. Please be aware that any courtesy vehicle supplied by ourselves must then be returned within 24 hours. 


Vehicle Repair

Once we receive a repair authority from your Insurer we’ll then order any required parts, when these are on site we will then schedule the vehicle into the workshop. We’ll then be able to provide you with an estimate of the completion date.

N.B. Be aware that if any parts are delayed or on “back order” with your vehicle manufacturer this could delay our completion date. We endeavor to meet all our completion dates and parts supply delay is the major factor in 95% of repair delays. 

N.B. Due to the complexity of the modern vehicle, many parts replaced require calibrating to the vehicle, we have the latest equipment and software to do this, on some occasions the manufacturer will not release the necessary codes to allow us to do this so we may have to transport your vehicle to the nearest dealership for them to do this. This is quite common and occurs quite regularly. 

Settings on Your Vehicle

It may be necessary to test electronic functions on your vehicle during the repair. This could mean your Seat may have to be moved, we may have to turn off automatic functions such as Automatic Handbrakes, we may test Radio Channels etc, Test driving modes whilst on road test. Whilst every care is taken to return these electronic items back to your preferred settings we cannot guarantee this due to the wide variety of advanced driving aids on each vehicle. If you have a Tracker attached which is linked to an App on your phone you may see our staff out on road test and we may have to drive at the very least the national speed limit to test certain driving functions, check for wind noises etc.

Your vehicle may be driven around our workshops which in cold mode (Engine) may use amounts of your fuel, this is unavoidable and every effort is made to keep this to a minimum.

Vehicle Handover

On completion of repairs your vehicle will be washed and vacuumed before going through final quality control checks. One of our customer service staff will then contact you to arrange to handover your vehicle.